Here is a article from Univ. of Minnesota that describes fertilizer runoff issues and offers suggestions to reduce the problem. It is our belief that using RhizoChar will help this issue since the microbes it will deliver to the soil live feed off fertilizer and fixes it in a way that the plant root can utilize.

Fertilizers are used by homeowners to maintain and improve landscape beauty and quality. Increased use of home lawn and garden fertilizers, however, has caused concern about pollution of lakes and groundwaters.

The two fertilizer nutrients primarily involved, nitrogen and phosphorus, are needed by all plants for healthy growth. Although an individual lawn or garden seems small, the total area of lawns and gardens in urban environments can be significant. Runoff and drainage waters carrying these nutrients may move over hard-surfaced streets where there is no soil to act as a filter. The potential result is an increase in pollution problems. (read more)