All-Natural soil amendment for the holistic garden.

Good for the soil - Good for your plants - Good for the planet

RhizoChar™ is a carbon-based soil amendment inoculated with living micro-organisms necessary for optimum soil health and plant growth. The carbon granules also contain enriched substrates and foods.

Research has shown that this formulation allows the microbes to survive harsh soil environments, increase nutrient cycling and improve plant health. The organisms are dormant until exposed to root exudates, water and warmth. Once exposed to these elements they begin their growth cycle. Note: this is living material, not chemical. Shelf life of approximately one-year.


How It Works and Benefits


Over application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides along with harsh tillage of the soil deplete beneficial soil micro-organisms. RhizoChar™ helps replenish these important microbes by providing them on a carbon-based carrier to “seed” your soil near the plant root system called the “rhizosphere.”  A symbiotic relationship develops in this area between the plant root and the various organisms; each feeds off the other’s waste.

  • All Natural - No Chemicals.
  • Safe – Free of plant and human pathogens.
  • Easy application – Just add a few granules near a seed or existing root system.
  • Healthier plants – replenishes beneficial flora and fauna necessary for healthy roots and plants.
  • Reduced fertilizer input – microbes surrounding the root assist nutrient/mineral uptake to root.
  • Improved water and nutrient uptake - Mycorrhizal fungi included in this mix grow hyphae that attach to plant roots and act like an extended root system providing nutrients and water to the plant.
  • Increased plant growth/yield – University tests confirm increased tomato and corn yields.
  • Natural Pest repellent – microbe produced enzymes naturally repel some invertebrate pests.


RhizoChar™ is Very Green!


One of the key benefits of a soil rich with beneficial micro-organisms is the ability of some of the organisms to fix carbon into the soil. Recent research has identified one substance called glomalin that is made by fungi contained in our product. Glomalin is a carbon sink that reduces total CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Scientists believe that glomalin is responsible for up to 1/3 of the carbon sequestered in the soil.


A Little Goes a Long Way


Each granule contains millions of micro-organisms along with starter nutrients. Farm and university testing confirm that a contact method of planting (adding a few granules around a seed) is sufficient to begin the growth process around the roots. One heaping tablespoon will provide benefits for 10 linear feet of row planting or one small transplant!

For example; a 1.5 lb box of RhizoChar can be used as follows:


Row Planting linear feet


Approx Garden Sq. Ft.*











* Based on 30 inch row spacing and 10 sq ft per transplant


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