The RhizoChar Group, is a diverse group of individuals committed to the new paradigm of holistic management to heal damaged land and increase the productivity of working lands.

Our first product, RhizoChar is a carbon based soil amendment innoculated with living micro-organisms necessary for optimum soil health and plant growth. The carbon granules also contain enriched substrates and foods.

Our vision is to incorporate a small scaled pyrolysis plant located at the source of biomass to produce energy along with the biochar by-product that can be re-utilized to reinforce beneficial soil microbes back to the land.

  1. Plants yield biomass with captured carbon and energy via photosynthesis.
  2. Pyrolysis converts biomass to methane, fuel, and biochar.
  3. Biochar is inoculated with various beneficial micro-organisms and nutrients.
  4. Then this is returned to the soil to replenish the biota of the land.

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