RhizoChar is your source for a broad-spectrum soil biology booster.  Please remember that RhizoChar™ contains living, breathing, microorganisms.  They are sensitive to extreme conditions, so be kind to these garden friends and keep them dry, out of direct and prolonged sunlight, and store at temperatures below 90 degrees. 


General Recommendations:  The greatest benefits from RhizoChar™ are obtained when the inoculant is applied in direct contact with plant roots.  For new seedings, apply RhizoChar™ in the furrow with seed, and then cover to the desired depth for the particular seed.  For transplants, apply RhizoChar™ in the hole as you backfill around the transplant plug or bare roots.


Recommended Application Rates:  


Row seeding - apply 1 measure  (about 1 oz) of RhizoChar™ granules to 10 feet of row.

Transplants – for vegetable transplants from cell packs or with similar root mass, apply 1 measure of RhizoChar™ granules per plant.  For transplants from 6- and 8-inch pots, apply 2 measures, and for gallon pots apply 3 measures.  


Potatoes – dip the seed pieces in water, roll them in RhizoChar™ granules until lightly coated, and place in the furrow. Alternatively you can sprinkle some granules into the furrow with the potato seeds.

Turf - application depends on the condition and prior treatment of the area. It is best to first do a core aeration before a broadcast topdressing of RhizoChar at 100 - 200 lbs per acre followed by a chain drag to move the granules into the holes close to the root zone. Water after application.

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