Above: Mike Tober, Professional Landscaper in front of his tomato plants


Mike Kokas, Upstate New York, an organic farmer for over 20 years used RhizoChar for his potato crop (summer 2009) and experienced positive results. "RhizoChar was easy to apply and I didn't need to use a lot of it." 


Mike Tober, NJ Shore, professional organic landscaper used RhizoChar in his personal garden (summer 2009.) 

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John T, Upstate New York - talks about how RhizoChar improved the results in the garden his family has been planting for over 20 years.


Laurie C,  San Francisco, CA - Home Gardener: 

"I've been gardening for years; recently my home underwent a massive renovation which left my backyard in very bad shape (see picture below.) I was able to resurrect my garden better than it had been before by adding RhizoChar to the soil. As you can see, after just 6 months my garden turned out fantastic! RhizoChar is very easy to use, economical and I really like that it's all natural and good for the environment. Thanks RhizoChar!"

Before Pictures:

After Picture


Jim Schweppe, Horticultural Consultant

I have been in the field of horticulture for twenty-five years and have used a variety of soil-enhancing products. Rhizochar was introduced to me at a time when I was responsible for container garderning (over 60 containers) on a large estate. After using Rhizochar in each large container for the period of one growing season, not only did I not lose any container plants throughout the season, the plants produced more abundant foliage and flowers.

When I ultimately emptied the plants from the containers at the end of the growing season, the roots showed exceptional health and development clear to the bottom of the container, unlike anything I had experienced before. The following year, when I was unable to obtain and use Rhizochar in the same containers, the results were disappointing.

I highly recommend this natural product for bringing soils back to life and improving the quality of plant material in a variety of settings.


Leslie's tomato and pepper plants using RhizoChar 

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